Apple Wang

Apple Wang began her yoga journey 15 years ago in Singapore. She has since then learned from different teachers from all over the world. She incorporates her understanding and knowledge of swara yoga, Bhagava Gita, Prana Shankti, Reiki energy healing and hypnosis into her practice. Her students love her theme sharing at each class and often are pampered by her reiki healing and sound bath at the end of the class. Not just about relaxation, but spiritually enriching. 

Apple is the founder of Zentopia Healing and Apple Wang Hypnosis. Apple has a gift in understanding what people say, more importantly what they are implying (what people do not say). This allows her to see from a wider and higher perspective in her healing activities and yoga classes. 
Apple devotes her energy and effort to heal the soul as she focuses on tracing back to the root causes of the problem. This is reflected in her yoga teaching and sharing, as she creates the space, silence and stillness allowing everyone to connect to their true essence.
Apple looks forward to connecting you. 

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