Leisa Timms

Leisa’s Philosophy

As I paint the portrait of life, the word yoga is formatted in so many ways.
·         The asana is my expression of love
·         Fluidity of the body with breath is my expression of the divine
·         To unite the breath with awareness is my expression of connecting with the true self.

As I combine this art and science with my love and passion in the Holistic Health Coaching field, I unite the universal energy to create peace and harmony in life as we know it.

Leisa’s Teaching
As a yoga Teacher, the energy and love is shared in a way that will have you gasping for more.  I never teach something I am unable to do myself, caution and guidance is always given, and my words become your light to express the true self.  We work together on the mats as one.

Leisa Timms alongside her partner Jen Ince are the proud owners of Intrinsic Mind Holistic Health and Wellness Centre in Glen Osmond.  Intrinsic Mind is a space we call home to the community that attend.  We explore each and everyday with our amazing teachers something new.  Creating a safe place to come back to self.  Our motto is Believe, Achieve and succeed.


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