Prana Breathwork

Prana Breathwork is a safe, simple breathing exercise that allows your body to slow down and enter a state of rest by regulation of the breath, nervous system & organs. It provides physical, emotional, mental and spiritual release and stimulates inner growth & healing. 

Results include but are not limited to: 

  • A deep sense of relaxation and calm
  • Relief from stress
  • A feeling of connection to the present moment
  • The ability to receive intuitive messages
  • An awareness of your mind-body connection 
  • A higher sense of intuition, 
  • The changing of patterns and thoughts from the past which may be preventing you from living in the present 

For those that are new to breathwork here is a very informative link about the health benefits of Breathwork –

Facilitated by Tiffany Rouge & Fernando Ribeiro. They have been practicing and facilitating breathwork for over 5 years. Having trained in New Zealand they learned the benefits of breathwork and were able to deepen connection to the land, mind and body. Once they experienced profound healing and deep trauma releases it became their mission to share this healing work with others.

They are passionate about helping others find a state of homeostasis within themselves and equipping them with daily spiritual practices to help them stay there. In other words, finding that happy place within yourself and doing what you can to stay there

Fernando & Tiffany regularly host Breathwork at the Tara Hall in Magill on Wednesday nights.

A Prana Breathwork session typically includes healing energy from Tiffany who is a certified reiki healer, the burning of Sage and other incense; shamanic drumming, sound baths & instruments and the moving of stagnant energy.

Things to bring:

Yoga Mat

Water Bottle

Blanket (if possible)

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