Swami Prema Ananda

Swami Prema Ananda has been teaching yoga for over 45 years. Being a Swami means I have
completed many years of study and a lot of hard work.
The Style of yoga that I have studied and lived by, is Hatha, which is one of the oldest of all Yoga’s.
And because of all my training in Hatha and other learnings, I have adopted the moto
“No Pain, All Gain” because I believe we must honour and respect our bodies as a temple not traumatise it.
Over the 45 years or so, Yoga has taken me on many magnificent journeys.
Yoga has taken me to USA. Vietnam, Bali and all-around Australia working in some very strange
places and with a very wide and interesting range of people. Many years ago, before Yoga was
known in the wider community, I was asked to teach for several very large corporations.
From this, I was invited to lead a corporate retreat at Uluru. Amongst other exciting things, it was
freezing cold. I went on to be invited to speak and teach Yoga to a very wide range of organisations
and groups. All these Yogic opportunities has given me a lifestyle I could have only dreamt of.
For the past 15 – 20 years I have had the privilege to train many wonderful Yoga teachers and to take
qualified yoga teachers on as post-graduate students. The post-graduate courses include;
“60+ and Gorgeous” Yoga for the aged, “Life, Mind integrated Yoga” Yoga for Mental health,
“Yoga for Children, “Pre and post-natal Yoga.” And in the last few years have created a most
successful programme in the rehabilitation of stroke survivors. This is “Evolve with Inner Cor.”
I have organised many Vipassana’s for Yoga studios and corporations alike.
The rewards are enormous.
Living a Yogic lifestyle has given me so many surprizing and amazing opportunities.
I will eternally be grateful to my teachers Joy McIntosh and Roma Blair for their teaching, mentoring,
and long-lasting friendship and love.

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