Lyndall Kay

Lyndall Kay is the founder of MoveMeant, a health and wellbeing business that encourages people to: stretch, sweat, and surrender – for personal growth and fulfilment.

She facilitates this by offering meditation techniques, motivational tools, and a movement practice called Devotion to Motion.

Devotion to Motion is an ecstatic, shamanic, somatic dance practice that journeys through the 5 Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether. 

These 5 Elements are the fabric of our existence, and Lyndall weaves these elements into all of her work.

This Dancing Freedom elemental wave of sound takes participants on a journey, as the music starts off slow, builds to a crescendo, and completes with stillness.

This intuitive dance practice encourages participants to freely move their body to music. It is shame free, shoe free, and substance free, but not free of substance. 

Dancing with pure breath has opened up Lyndall’s body, heart, mind, sexual centre, and spirit, giving her new ways of being and feeling.

Physically it has made her more fitter, emotionally it has made her feel more balanced, mentally it has made her stronger, sexually it has allowed her to experience orgasms from pure breath, and spiritually it has made her feel more connected.

Whatever Lyndall offers she supports people to find the inner rhythm inside of them.

Lyndall has been working in health and social care for over 20years, is available to teach various workshops in this sector, and has numerous qualifications to support her work.

For more information and bookings, please contact Lyndall Kay:

0423 919 924

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